Apr 5, 2008

Handicraft and Antique Shopping in Baan Tawai

Baan Tawai, 20 kilometres south of Chiang Mai, is the centre of wood carved handicraft and antique trade in Northern Thailand. And also the production of reproductins of antique art is a growing business here. Shopowners from Bangkok and abroad come here to buy their goods. So the prices are more reasonable than elsewhere. You find arcades full of shops and on the road to Hang Dong you discover many mini-factories with showrooms and can see the artisans and their work: Wooden Buddhas, wooden elefants, wooden reliefs, sandstone sulptures, textile hangings, frames, lamps and vases for your home. Many shops construct teak furniture and can ship it abroad. Thai antiques are famous for the early artistic expression of Buddhism. If you are looking for genuine antique, you have to look for a certificate from the Fine Arts Department.

Brief introduction to the art periods in Thailand:

Homepage of Baan Tawai Village:

You can visit Baan Tawai for a Woodcarving College

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