Feb 7, 2011

Where to eat in Nan น่าน

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Restaurants Nan Town

Da Dario's Pizza. 37/4 Amnuai Road.

Hot Bread: 38/1-2 Suriyapong Road. Bakery and vegetarian food. "Their Khao Soi, sandwiches, and western style breakfast cannot be beat", writes Mr. Jaime

Huean Hom: 11/12, Suriyaphong Road (near National Museum). Noodle with chicken, beef or pork in curry (khaosoi), papaya salad (somtam mueang), northern style sour soup (kaeng som mueang nuea), minced meat salad (lap khua), noodle dish with pork blood (khanomchin nam ngiao) or with fish curry (nam ya).

Just Jazz: 124/1 Ananta Woraritthi Det Road. Thai and Western food, wine.

Khao Tha Lu Chumporn Coffee: You get Robusta coffee as well as highland Arabica coffee, reports Calypso Island Chronicles

Nan Steak House: 15/7 Sumon Thewarat Road. Only Western food, with pizza and spaghetti.

Ruean Kaeo: 1/1 Sumonthewarat Road

Suriya Gargen: 9Sumonthewarat Road.

Ton Nam: 38/1-2 Suriyapong Road.

Tony's Place: Thai and Western food. English breakfast.

Thanaya: 75/23 Anantaworaritthidet Road

Ya Chai: 34/2 Sumonthewarat Road

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Your guide to Nan น่าน

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Your guide to Nan น่าน

You discover Nan น่าน through the eyes of people, who have been there. This blog collects their voices from blogs and travel-related forums like tripadvisor.com or travelfish.org and their pictures from flickr.com and other sources. Google Maps help you to create your own tour. Links give you background. Welcome to Nan!

Nan น่าน - beautiful nature and wonderful temples

Hotels and Guesthouses in Nan น่าน

Restaurants in Nan น่าน

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Hotels and Guesthouses in Nan น่าน - seen by people, who have been there

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Where you stay in Nan

Amazing Guest House อเมซิ่ง เกสท์เฮาส์: 23/7 Thanon Rat Amnuay. Fan-Rooms from 200 Bath. 10 minutes away from the centre, near Nan-River. Read review on travelfish.org

Pictures Nanthiya Bufe
See more pictures of the rooms inside

Apirata Resort อภิรตา รีสอร์ท: From 1100 Bath. Phone: 054 774 823, 087 176 3206
. See pictures on nanvisit.com

Picture Apirata Resort
More pictures on nanvisit.com

City Park Hotel โรงแรมซิตี้ปาร์ค: From 700 Bath. No. 99 Moo 4 Yantrakitkosol Rd.,Tambon Dootai.Phone: 054-741343, 081-7831140. Critical reviews on tripadvisor.com. See a picture by Nicole

Dhevaraj Hotel โรงแรม เทวราช: From 8oo Bath. 466 Sumonthewarat Road. Phone: 054 751 577, 054 710 212, 054 751 106-9. With swimming pool. Good location in the centre of Nan town. In walking distance from the most beautiful temples. Read the review by travelfish.org. "Good basic hotel", not more, according to reviews on tripadvisor.com. See picture on horapa.com (the big new building on the left) and from inside.

Picture marhas

Doi Phukha Guesthouse: From 100 Bath. Aranyawat Road. Next to Aranyawat Temple. Basic rooms acording to travelfish.org. 20mn walk from old Bus Station, turn left and follow Mahawong Rd down to find the street then turn left.

Eurnkgum Guesthouse เอื้องคำเกสต์เฮาส์:

Fah Place ฟ้าเพลส: From 350 Bath. 237/8 Sumonthevaraj Rd. Phone: 054 710 222

Fahthanin Hotel โรงแรมเวียงแก้ว
: From 700 Bath. Anantaworarittidet Road. Phone 054-750573, 084-6121968. Seven floors.

Grand Mansion Hotel โรงแรม แกรนด์ แมนชั่น: From 230 Bath. 71/1 Mahayot Road. Phone: 054 750 514-5, 054 711 505. See picture on board.trekkingthai.com, from inside and rooms

Picture sluj78

Huen Mai Hom Homestay เฮือนไม้หอมโฮมสเตย์: From 1000 Bath. 644 Moo 4, Chaisatan. Phone: 086-7226386,054-775483.

Picture nanvisit.com
More pictures: nanvisit.com

Huen Mai Ruay Homestay เฮือนไม้รวย โฮมสเตย์: Phone: 054 771 497, 080 672 8312.

Picture nanvisit.com
See more pictures on nanvisit.com

Huen Muan Jai Homestay เฮือนม่วนใจ๋: From 300 Bath. Opposite Wat Mongkol (through the old town wall). Run by a couple, very cute. Phone: 082-3302517, 081-7658730, 054-711658.

Picture nanvisit.com

Picture nanvisit.com

Picture nanvisit.com
More pictures on nanvisit.com

K1 Modern Art Hotel โรงแรมเควัน : From 550 Bath. 4/27 Voravichai Road. Phone 081 8825373

Picture K1 Hotel

Nan Boutique Hotel: From 1100 Bath. 1/11 Kha-Luang Road. Phone: 054 775 532. Very good reviews on tripadvisor.com. See pictures by T. F. Rhoden and Juntira.

Picture T F Rhoden
See more pictures on nanvisit.com

Nan Fah Hotel โรงแรม น่านฟ้า: From 400 to 500 Bath. 436-440 Sumonthewarat Road. An old wooden house, next to the Devaraj Hotel. Ask for a room at the back, because the street can be noisy, advises travelfish.org. Bikes fore hire. Good review von tripadvisor.com. See pictures.

Picture Cherrytok@bloggang.com
More pictures by Santi.chotkaew and by tigernutch

Nan Guest House น่าน เกสท์เฮาส์: From 350 Bath. 57/15 Mahaphrom Road. Phone: 054 771 849, 081 288 8484, 089 451 3416. They rent bicycles. Read the review by travelfish.org and very good reviews on tripadvisor.com. See pictures on nanvisit.com

Nansabaidee Mongkolsiri น่านสะบายดี: From 400 Bath. 4/1 Chao Fa Road. Phone: 054 772 958, 097 183 3888.

Picture Nansabaidee. More pictures on nanvisit.com

Nan Valley Resort น่านวัลเล่ย์ รีสอร์ท: 229 Moo 4 Nan-Thung Chang Rd., Tambon Pha Sing. Phone: 054 682 251, 054 682 286.

P. K. Guesthouse: See pictures by fabiatta

Risasinee Spa & Resort ริสาสินีสปา&รีสอร์ท: From 1500 Bath. 215 Mahayot Road.

S.P. Guest House เอส.พี เกสท์เฮ้าส์: From 300 Bath. 233 Sumon Thevarat Rd. Phone: 054 774 897, 086 654 9002. Read the review by travelfish.org

Picture nanvisit.com
More pictures on nanvisit.com

Sri Nuan Lodge ศรีนวลลอดจ์: From 400 Bath. 40 Nokam Rd. Phone: 054 710 174, 0 5477 2956.

Sukkasem Hotel โรงแรมสุขเกษม: From 180 Bath. 119 – 121 Ananworarittidej Rd. Phone: 054 710 141, 054 771 581

The City Park Hotel โรงแรม เดอะ ซิตี้ ปาร์ค: 99 Moo 4 Yantrakitkoson Road.

107 Tower Hotel โรงแรม 107 ทาวเวอร์: From 350 Bath. 106/42 Mahayot Road. Phone: 054 71 1727, 054 77 2202.

Where you stay outside of Nan Town

Around Nan

Nan Fah Sai Resort น่านฟ้าใสรีสอร์ท: From 400 Bath. 105 Mu 8 Tambon Pan Kaew Amphoe Phu Phiang. Phone 08 9482 9875. Also camping with your own tent is possible.

Picture nanvisit.com
See also video by garigreo

Nan The Waterside Resort & Camping น่าน เดอะ วอเตอร์ไซต์ รีสอร์ทแอนด์แคมปิ้ง: From 700 Bath. 293 Moo 10 Ban Mai Pha Kwang, Tambon Bo. See gallery on youtube by garigreo

Phupha Nan Resort ภูผาน่านรีสอร์ท: Phone: 054 701 001, 054 798 018, 081 365 0404.

Sasidara Resort ศศิดารารีสอร์ท: From 900 Bath. 9629 Moo 4,Chaisatan. Phone: 054 774 483, 054 773 936, 086-3195488. Twenty minutes to walk to the city center. Good reviews on tripadvisor.com

Picture nanvisit.com
More pictures on nanvisit.com

Sukthai Home and Resort สุขไทยโฮมแอนด์รีสอร์ท: 273 Nan – Pua Rd., Phasing. Phone: 054 600 111, 081 846 5341, 081 583 9853.

Picture nanvisit.com
More pictures on nanvisit.com

More accommodations in and around Nan on nantouring.com


Bo Klua View บ่อเกลือวิว รีสอร์ท: From 1650 Bath. 209 Banbaoloung, Tumbon Bo Klua Tai, Amphoe Bo Kluea. Phone: 054 778 140, 081 809 6392.

Picture Hanumann

Picture Hanumann
View from the terrace

Chomphu Phukha Resort: 382 Moo 8, Nan-Tung Chang Rd., T. Pua. See picture by Santi.Chotkaew

Green Hill Resort: From 250 Bath. Pua. See also Greenhill Resort on hi5.com

Juthamas Resort จุฑามาศ รีสอร์ท: Phone 081 735 5322. The resort is surrounded by a river, mountains and forests. Sixteen bungalows amidst a flower garden.

Picture juthamas resort.

Oopkaew Resort อูปแก้วรีสอร์ท - อ.ปัว: 329 Moo 5, T. Wo Ra Na Khon, A. Pua. Phone: 054 756 587-9, 081 764 8685.

Pictures pkarat
See more pictures by pkarat
More pictures on nanvisit.com

Pang Doi Resort ปางดอยรีสอร์ท: From 900 Bath. 339 Moo 8 Ban Prang.
Phone 054-756403, 089-7543713.

Picture nanvisit.com.

Picture nanvisit.com
See more pictures on nanvisit.com

Ban Phusiawkhao Resort บ้านภูเสี้ยวขาว: From 550 Bath. 186 Nan – Tungchang Rd. Phone: 081 850 9744, 081 746 3444, 081 285 2409.

Picture nanvisit.com
More pictures on nanvisit.com

Wiang Sa

Wiangsa Paradise Resort เวียงสาพาราไดซ์ รีสอร์ท: From 900 Bath. 157 Phrae – Nan Rd. Phone: 054 775 742-3.

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