Nov 18, 2012

Yee Peng Festival starts on November 25

Release of the Khom Loy, the paper ballons

Chiang Mai's Loy Kratong Festival - also known as Yee Peng - begins this year on Sunday November 25. The Grand Parade will end it on November 29. The full moon will be on 28 November. At night people around the city flock to the moat and the Ping River to float their krathongs; small floats decorated with banana leaf and flowers. "Then add a candle, three sticks of incense, a fingernail clipping, a small lock of hair and a one baht coin and float your old troubles away", writes And Khom Loy, the paper hot air balloons, fill the sky. Find the whole schedule here.

A Khom Loy release by thousands of people will be held on November 24 at the Tudongkasatan Lanna Meditation Center near Maejo University. But getting there and come back is not easy. Read Loy Krathong in Mae Jo: Really an Adventure.

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