Apr 16, 2014

Kuan Yin Palace: A Chinese Temple in Chiang Mai
undiscovered by most of the Tourists

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Kuan Yin Palace, also called Kuan Yin Bodhisattava's Hall ตำหนักพระแม่กวนอิมโชคชัย (Chok Chai 4), is a Chinese dragon temple, which impresses with its decorations and Buddha statues. A huge dragon stands at the entrance to the shrine. When you enter the mouth of the dragon you proceed through a tunnel to a platform. Then through another tunnel you exit out a tigers mouth. Both tunnels are decorated with colorful murals. The temple was established by the female abbess Bhiksuni Shi Kuang Seng (Thai-born as Varaporn Lertrangsi), who got her Bhiksuni ordination at Puji Monastery, Mount Pu Tuo, in China in 1991. The hall features many of the gods worshipped according to Chinese beliefs.

Picture by fletchy182

Picture by fletchy182

Picture by fletchy182

Picture by Itagaki

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