Oct 30, 2015

Sky Lanterns banned around Loy Kratong - but not on November 25

Chiang Mai authorities ask people not to float Sky Lanterns during the Yi Peng festival from November 24-26. But the lanterns will be allowed on November 25, as Thai PBS reports. The ban has been issued for Muang Chiang Mai, Hang Dong, Nong Harn sub-district of San Sai district, Muang Kaew, Don Kaew, Rim Tai and Mai Sa sub-districts of Mae Rim district, Nong Pueng, Kuew Mung, Dong Kaew, San Sai and Ta Wang Tan sub-districts of Saraphi district. The Chiang Mai governor wants to ensure aviation safety during this period. The floating of thousands of sky lanterns has become popular to celebrate the full moon in the northern capital, preceding Loy Krathong by one day in November.