May 27, 2019

Chiang Mai Markets and Walking Streets

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Organic Markets: Toxic-free - more and more people in Chiang Mai are looking for this kind of food. Seven markets now are offering organic vegetables and fruits thar are grown in Northern Thailand. An overview published by Chiang Mai City Life:
Jing Jai organic market: On Wednesday or Saturday mornings, 5 am till 10 am. JJ Market Chiang Mai, Zone C, Assadathorn Road.
Chiang Mai Organic Home: A wide range of foods, from herbs and vegetables to eggs, rice and cooked meals as well as plants for your own organic garden. See video on youtube. Daily 1pm till 6pm, Outer Ring Road, 2km from Ton Payom Market.
Dara Academy Organic Market: In a school canteen. Fresh vegetables, locally cooked food and Thai desserts. Every Wednesday afternoon, 2am till 5pm. Dara Academy Canteen, Kaewnawarat Road
Puttisopon School Organic Market: On Fridays, Thai food, local desserts and healthy snacks. Open Fridays 2pm till 5pm. Puttisopon School, Ratchamankha Road.
Kaad Noi BA: The Business Agriculture Faculty has named it "small market", selling all kinds of seasonal produce right in the middle of Maejo University. Open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 11am till 5pm. Faculty of Business Agriculture, Maejo University.
Nakornping Hospital Organic Market: Clothes and other wares are also available. Open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 7am till 3pm. Nakornping Hospital, Mae Rim.
Chiang Mai City Hall Organic Market: Selling various kinds of organic products every day. Products from farms in the Mae Taeng district. Open daily, 7am – 5pm, Chiang Mai City Hall

Night Bazaar: The famous venue for shopping in the night. The market with hundreds of street vendor stalls and shops has everything: Clothes, Thai silk, shoes, pirated CDs and DVDs, handicrafts, cameras, jewelry - a lot made in China, some products by the hilltribe people. The goods may be cheaper on markets, where there are not so many tourists. But you can bargain. If you are the first customer, you can get a good price, because it means bad luck, if the first customer doen't buy. And late in the night you get good prices for final sales.
Find your way: The market follows Chang Khlan Road and side streets, between Thaphae and Loi Khro road.
Open: From sunset till midnight.

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Anusarn Night Market: A walking street every night, where you find hilltribe goods in traditional styles. And a great place for dinner, where the locals eat their noodles. A large suqare with tables and food stalls on the side. You can enjoy here Northern Thai specialities, for example the hot green chili dip called nam prik awn. Or try khao soi, flat egg noodles in a soup with chicken or beef. Black chili paste, lime, shallots, bean sprouts or other vegetables are served with it.
Find your way: The market is near Chang Khlan Road, between Anusarn Sunthon Road in the North and Si Don Chai Road in the South.

Kad Luang with Warorot Market and Lamyai Market: Are you looking for real Thai life more than for touristic sights? Then Chiang Mai's chinatown will be the right location. It's called Kad Luang กาดหลวง (this means: big market). Kad Luang is the area, where Chiang Moi Road and Wichayanon Road join.

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Kad Luang

Here you find Warorot Market ตลาดวโรรส, an old Shopping Center in a large building with food on the ground floor. So you will discover pig heads or cooked and dried fish, herbs and spices and any kind of vegetables and also mushrooms. Look for Northern style food as "Kaeb Moo” (crispy fried pig skin), “Moo Yaw” (pork sausage) or “Nam Prik Num” (hot green chilly sauce). On the second and third floor you discover clothes for cheaper prices than in the Night Bazaar, Handbags, Pillow covers, handicrafts or beauty articles. On the east side of Wichayanon Road you find Kad Ton Lamyai กาดต้นลำไย, the fresh food market. Around the buildings there are stalls with everything from shoes to gems and many gold shops. Kad Luang is a 24-hour experience. When the halls of the covered markets turn quiet in the evening, the main streets outside change to a night bazaar with food stalls and fashionable clothing, a place loved by Chiang Mai’s young women and their boyfriends. Close to Kad Luang there is a small soi called Lao Jo, Kad Meo กาดแม้ว or the Hmong hill tribe market. Here they sell handmade goods and products. Near the market area there is a Chinese Shrine called Cong Thao Kong, built about 130 years ago and reconstructed in 1996.
Find your way: From Night Bazaar you follow Changklan Road to the North, until it intersects with Changmoi Road near Mae Ping River. Then the market will be at your left. Here is Chiang Mai's Chinatown.
Open: During the day until 5 pm.

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Warorot Market from upstairs

Lamyai Flower Market: This market smells like heaven. It's the fresh cut flower market. It's perfumed by so many different blossoms. Your eye will catch the buckets full of orchids, in hundreds of varieties and coulours, but also roses, chrysanthemums, lotus and marigolds as well as birds of paradise. The flowers arrive in the night, so it's the best time to go.
Find your way: From Warorot Market along Ping River towards Thapae Road.Open: 24 hours.

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Flower market

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Muang Mai Market: The place, where you get the food very fresh from the farmers and cheap. It's a wholesale area. There are stalls, shops and also pick up trucks. You will find huge amounts of cabbages, garlic, wstermelons, pineabbles and a lot more fruits and vegetables and also a section with meat and seafood and of course stalls selling curry pastes.
Find your way: Wang Sing Kham Road, from Warorot Market to North.

Wualai Walking Street: Are you looking for silver and lacquer ware? Then you are right at Wualai Street, where elegant old wooden houses show the past glory of the silversmiths of Chiang Mai. There are still many shops, well known for old technique and good quality. And every Saturday evening the road is closed for the traffic and a Walking street. Along one kilometer you find handicrafts, clothes, musical instruments, food and young artists exhibiting their work. And Lanna dancing performances from various schools in Chiang Mai are staged. Then there is Wat Sri Suphan, one of the temple buildings is decorated in shining silver.

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Grilled balls on Wualai Walking Street

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Sweet steamed cakes

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Funny bags

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Just beautiful

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Grandmum's delights

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And the silver

More about the Street you read on the website of Wualai community. Then you find here a shop with crafts of hilltribe people Bann Wualai. Or you decide for a Kantoke Dinner with a hilltribe show at Old Chiangmai Cultural Center.
Find your way: Near the Gate at the south side of the old city. You leave by Phra Pok Klao Road, outside the wall you turn right, walk on Chiang Lo Road, from where Wualai Road will point to Southwest.
Open: Walking Street every Satuarday from around 5 pm till 11 pm.

Ratchadamnoen Walking Street: Full of excitement, thanks to the large crowd of people enjoying the night in the heart of the old city, shopping, drinking, eating, listening to musicians, looking at art and craftsmanships of Northern Thailand, Thai dancers or puppet shows. Many stallowners sell personally made goods from wood to metals, ceramics, fabrics, paper and more. In a number of temples along the road the stallowners sell meals cooked in front of your eyes.
Find your way: From Tha Pae Gate follow Ratchdamnoen Road.
Open: Every Sunday from 5 pm till midnight.

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Wat Pan Tao. See more Wat Pan Tao

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Chiang Mai Flea Market: Walk around and bargain. The Secondhand Market is less known by tourists. Adjacent to Prince Royal College it is open every Saturday and Sunday from 9 am till 4 pm. There is a walking street on Bumrungrad Road. The market is well known for amulets.

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