Oct 30, 2015

Sky Lanterns banned around Loy Kratong - but not on November 25

Chiang Mai authorities ask people not to float Sky Lanterns during the Yi Peng festival from November 24-26. But the lanterns will be allowed on November 25, as Thai PBS reports. The ban has been issued for Muang Chiang Mai, Hang Dong, Nong Harn sub-district of San Sai district, Muang Kaew, Don Kaew, Rim Tai and Mai Sa sub-districts of Mae Rim district, Nong Pueng, Kuew Mung, Dong Kaew, San Sai and Ta Wang Tan sub-districts of Saraphi district. The Chiang Mai governor wants to ensure aviation safety during this period. The floating of thousands of sky lanterns has become popular to celebrate the full moon in the northern capital, preceding Loy Krathong by one day in November.

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Aug 29, 2015

Chiang Mai Guesthouses -
Through the Eyes of Guests

Find the locations of the guesthouses easily with Chiang Mai Guesthouse Google Map, recommended for Smartphones

Pak Chiang Mai OLD TOWN Hidden Gem 39/5 Phra Pok Klao 2 Road. From 1800 Baht.


Picture by marhas

Beautiful courtyard with trees, hanging plants and a little fish pond, living areas around it. The romms have a CD-Player. The owners are very attentive to their guests, you feel like part of the family, Nat, his sister Noon and their father care for the nature, serve a wide choice of delicious organic breakfast, lunch and dinner, avoid plastic, and, and, and... The location is very close to Chiang Mai Gate market, where you can enjoy the delights of local food stalls in the evening. You can have a traditional Thai massage in the living area, done by very experienced women and men. The whole guesthouse is decorated with great taste. And you have wireless internet. The guesthouse opened in july 2008. See lovely pictures here and read the reviews on tripadvisor.com and see more in this blog. Noon has been a former staff of Phranakorn Nornlen in Bangkok, before she opened Pak Chiang Mai with her family.

Picture marhas1

Picture marhas1

Baan Orapin บ้าน อรพินท์: From 1600 to 3800 Baht. 150 Charoenraj Rd., T.Wat Kate. Lovely oasis, according to reviews on tripadvisor.com

Picture Yiqun Ding

3 Sis Bed and Breakfast ทรี ซีส - OLD TOWN: 1650 Baht. 1 Soi 8 Phra Pokklao Road. Built 2007 beneath the old 3 Sis. See their gallery. See Photos by Vitold and miss_michelle. Good reviews on tripadvisor.com. And travelfish.org has the story of the three sisters, running the original guesthouse.

Alley Nine Guest House OLD TOWN: From 9 USD. 38 Soi 9 Moonmuang Rd.

Baan Hanibah OLD TOWN: From 1250 Bath. 6 Moonmuang Rd. Soi 8. See picture by erika. Excellent reviews on tripadvisor.com. See gallery by jeffreyhsu

Baan Kaew Guesthouse บ้านแก้ว: 800 Baht. 142 Charoenprathet Rd., opposite Wat Chaimongkol. A blit like an American motel, according to Frommer's. Quiet location with good reviews on tripadvisor.com

Picture baankaew

Banilah Guesthouse: From 300 to 600 Baht. 11 Sotesueksa Road. See pictures on teakdoor.com, Bath looks not so well. Read review on tripadvisor.com. Good reviews on boo.com

Picture มุก

Picture pittaya

Ban Kong Rao Guesthouse: From 700 Bath. 2 Soi 4 Morakot Road

Ben Guest House เบน: 250 Baht. 4/11 Chiangmai-Lamphun Rd, Soi 2 Muang. Basic, say reviews on tripadvisor.com

Bann Say-La บ้าน เส-ลา: From 500 to 950 Baht. 4-4/1 Nimmanhaemin Rd., Soi 5. In a old white building in French colonial style, rooms with shared and with private bath, private balconies and shared seating areas. There is one "downside" according to the review of Lonely Planet: It's behind the music bar "Fine Thanks", some rooms can be noisy. Nice pictures on flickr.com

Picture baansayla

Picture baansayla

Brick Road Cafe & Guesthouse OLD TOWN: From 150 to 250 Baht. 141 /8 Ratchadamnoen Road.

Chaba House: From 300 Bath. 19/26 Jedyod Soi 4. Good reviews on tripadvisor.com

Picture Akuppa

Picture Akuppa

Chez Allan Bed & Breakfast: From 600 Baht. 26 Kampangdin Road, Soi 3. A traditional teakwood house with a large garden. Mentioned in Gay-Guides.

Picture chezallan

CM Blue House - OLD TOWN: From 300 to 600 Baht. 30/1 Moonmuang Road Soi 6. Good reviews on tripadvisor.com and travelfish.org. See pictures by nporiord and Geri's Travel Log

Galare Guest House: From 950 to 1150 Baht. 7 Chareonprathet Road Soi 2. Located along the Ping River, open air restaurant right on the river with Thai, Western and Japanese food. Some guests find it noisy in the night becaouse there are restaurants with live music across the river, others say it's quiet. Good reviews on tripadvisor.com

Picture Galare Guest House

Gap's House แก๊ป เฮ้าส์ OLD TOWN: From 470 to 750 Baht. 3 Rachadamnoen Soi 4. They don't take reservations. There is a cooking school. And daily you can get a vegetarian buffet dinner here. Good reviews on tripadvisor.com. See pictures by Mulia and Adam Torrey and WatchourWanderings.

Picture Alex Valavanis
Gap's House courtyard

Hollanda Montri ฮอลันดา มนตรี เกสท์เฮาส์: From 450 to 550 Baht. 365 Charoenrat Road. Relaxing restaurant with view over the river. Guest recommend it on tripadvisor.com and also on boo.com

Picture genmaichaita

Jonadda Guest House OLD TOWN: From 250 to 450 Baht. 23/1 Ratvithi Road soi 2. Water heated by solar cells. Read review in Lonely Planet and on travelfish.org. See picture by Miss Primt.

Julie Guesthouse จูลี่ OLD TOWN: From 70 to 350 Baht. 7/1 Soi 5, Phra Pokklao. Relax in the pleasant garden or on the rooftop. MIxed reviews on travelfish.org and on tripadvisor.com

Picture Rod

Picture rhymeswithcycle

Picture MattC

Mountain View Guesthouses เมาเทน วิว: From 250 to 800 Baht. 105 Sri Phum Rd, (between soi 4 & 5). A couple of teak buildings and a tropical garden in between. Good reviews on tripadvisor.com. See picture by turtlequeen

Lamchang House OLD TOWN: From 100 to 180 Baht. 24 Moon Muang Road Soi 7. The wooden house has basic rooms with shared bathroom, the owners live upstairs.

Na Inn - OLD TOWN: 136/7 From 450 Baht. Ratchapakinai Rd. Read the review on travelfish.org

Nat Guesthouse OLD TOWN:. From 200 Bath. 7 Prapokklao Rd Soi 6. "The rooms are basic but a good size and, like the pastel green building, a little on the grotty side", comments travelfish.org.

Picture marhas1

Panda House: USD 15.64. 427/4 Vichayanon Road. Large rooms, near a crossroad, so you hear the traffic. Good reviews on boo.com

Pakinai Guest House: From 300 to 400 Baht. 173 Ratchapakinai Rd (north end), opp. Soi 9. Good reviews on travelfish.org

Parami Guesthouse OLD TOWNปาระมี: From 300 to 600 Baht. 210-212 Charoenrat Road. Thai teak wooden house with 8 rooms in a Thai neighbourhood. Very good reviews on tripadvisor.com. See picture by Katling

Parasol Inn OLD TOWN: From 990 Bath. 105/1 Prapokklao Rd. Good reviews on tripadvisor.com

Picture marhas1

Pat's Klang Viang OLD TOWN: 154/1-2 Phapokklao Rd. From 990 Bath. Nine rooms in an old commercial building, that has been transformed to a guesthouse. Very good reviews on tripadvisor.oom

Picture Josh

Rendezvous Guesthouse OLD TOWN: From 400 Bath. /1 Ratchadamnoen Rd. Soi 5. Good reviews on tripadvisor.com

Royal Guest House รอยัล เกสเฮ้าส์ From 150 to 700 Baht. Kothchasarn Rd. Soi 4 T.Chang Karn. Read one review by .

Picture Royal Guest House

Sarah Guesthouse: From 300 Bath. 20 Tapae Rd., Soi 4. Mixed reviews on tripadvisor.com

Pictue Orang Asli

Sevens Suns - OLD TOWN: 800 Baht. 155 Ratchamanka Road. Good reviews on tripadvisor.com.See room-picture by Last Known Location.

Picture Seven Suns

Soho Bar & Guesthouse: From 1100 Bath. 20/3 Huay Kaew Road. No reviews until now. They say they are gay-friendly.

S. K. Guesthouse OLD TOWN: 30 Moon Muang Road Soi 9. Negative reviews on travelfish.org and on tripadvisor.com

Sri-Pat Guesthouse - OLD TOWN: From 250 to 1000 BAht. 16 Soi 7 Moon Muang Rd. Good reviews travelfish.org> and also tripadvisor.de

Picture Brian

Thapae Gate Lodge: From 250 Bath. 38/7 Moonmuang Soi 2. 21 rooms, run bai a Thai-German couple. Basic rooms according to tripadvisor.com

Picture Alain in Vancouver
Frontyard of Tape Gate Lodge.

The Garden Chiang Mai: From 450 Bath. 139 Ratchadamnoen road. Just three rooms. With massage center. Live music on Sundays (Jazz, Rock).

Tiny Guest House: 2/7 Soi 1 Kho Rat Chiang Saen. Simple rooms as it looks like on their Facebook Page. No reviews so far.

Picture by marhas

Tiptop Thai House: 27/2 Singharat. A few rooms in a wooden home. Kitchen available, Thai style hut with mattress to practice massage.

Picture Josh

Walai House: From 350 Bath. 13 Soi 3 Santisuk. Good reviews on tripadvisor.com

Picture Joyce

White Chalet OLD TOWN: 900 Baht. 9/1 Arak Road T. Sriphum. It's close to a main road. The own bakery guarantees for a good breakfast. Good review on tripadvisor.com

Picture White Chalet

Yourhouse Guesthouse ยัวร์ เฮ้าส์ - OLD TOWN: From 250 to 900 Baht. 8 Soi 2 Ratwithi Road. Yourhouse 1 is in a traditional thai teak wooden building and has rooms with fans and shared bathrooms, Yourhouse 2 is in a more modern building and offers private bathrooms. Yourhouse 3 opened in Jun 2008 and has rooms with air-conditioning. Good reviews on boo.com

Room in Yourhouse 1

Pictures Your House
Room in Yourhouse 3

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Aug 27, 2015

Mae Sot แม่สอด - The Gateway between Thailand and Myanmar

See the locations on Mae Sot Google Map

Picture by Ashley Jonathan Clements

"A little bit of Myanmar without leaving Thailand": The title of a story by Bangkok Post characterizes the laid-back town of Mae Sot, which is separated from Myanmar by the Moei River. Mae Sot is home to ethnic groups such as the Karen, Hmong and Lahu, as well as Myanmar migrant workers. More than 100000 Myanmar people live in the town due to estimations, working in factories, on construction sites and in the guesthouse and hotel business. Mae Sot is a trade hub for gems and teak imported from Myanmar.

Picture by Axel Drainville
Mae Sot border market

Picture by Dan Woods

Picture by Dan Woods

Picture by Dan Woods
Gems from Myanmar

Picture by kimtetsu
Moei River

Picture Mikhail Esteves
River between the two countries

Picture by François Philipp

Picture by U.S. Embassy Bangkok

Wat Manee Praison วัดมณีไพรสณฑ์: Wat Manee Praison has been renovated at the end of 2012. It has a wihan with reflecting tiles on the outside and a Mon-style chedi. it houses more than 500000 Myanmar-style seated Buddha images inside its praying hall.

Picture by Yosomono
Buddha in Wat Mani

Picture by Davy Demaline

Picture by Davi Demaline

Wat Chumphon Khiri วัดชุมพลคีรี: It has a golden pagoda built in the style of the famous Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon.

Picture by Asfintesco

Wat Thai Wattanaram วัดไทยวัฒนาราม: This temple houses a reclining Buddha built in the style of Myanmar.

Centara Mae Sot Hill Resort: "A renovation would be welcome", say some of the guests on tripadvisor.com. Quite good reviews. Has a swimming pool.

Irawadee Resort: From 1200 Bath. 758/1-2 Intrarakeeree road. A little gem with very clean rooms and friendly staff, some restaurants nearby, according to reviews on tripadvisor.com.

Pictures by Irawadee Resort

Teak Villa with garden in Mae Sot: Designed and landscaped by the owner, who is himself an architect.

Picture by Mikhail Esteves
Mae La refugee camp

Picture by Mikhail Esteves

Wat Phra That Doi Hin Kew: A golden pagoda built on top of a gold-painted rock over a cliff in the forest.

Picture by Takeaway

Thee Lor Sue Waterfall: (also The Lor Sue, Thee Lor Sue or Te-law-zue). It is said to be the largest and highest waterfall in Thailand. It stands 250 metres high and nearly 450 metres wide on the Mae Klong River, flowing down from Huai Klotho into the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary.

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