Jan 28, 2008

Mae Aw Chinese Village and Pang Ung Lake

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Mae Aw Chinese Village

Mae Aw lies near the Burmese Border. Thai name: Ban Rak Thai บ้านรักไทย. This is a village founded by Kuomintang soldiers. Mae Aw is famous for its tea cultivation and Yunnan food, that you can enjoy at the restaurant and shops around a small square. You can buy ginseng, jasmine, oolong and green teas, as well as Chinese teapots and cups. More: Read here: Chiangmainews. And here background about the immigration of Muslim Chinese from Yunnan to Northern Thailand Muslim Chinese A festival is held in February to promote tea products. You follow hot tea tasting, tea-making demonstrations combined with cultural shows. Visitors can also ride a horse around the village. Sleepeing there. See picture by Buddhamountain.

Mae Aw, also called Ban Rak Thai, picture by Neo

Pang Ung Lake
Also written Pang Oong sometimes.

Not far from Mae Aw lies Pang Ung, known for its production coffee beans. Pang Ung was a reforestation project by Queen Sirikit. A few kilometers out of the village there ist a lake, a water reservoir, surrounded by pines with a camping area. The lake is covered by fog in the early morning, until the sunshine comes. Very romantic! A road runs along the lake to a green hill, where there are some guesthouses: Pang Ung Garden Houses (Phone 01-992-9891, 01-783-3981). Find more information: guesthouses.

Pictures of the lake at Photography Thai Online Magazine ความงดงาม แห่งปางอุ๋ง

Pang Ung Lake

Tents under the pines

Picture by koson

Map of Mae Aw

On the way to Mae Aw and Pa Ung you pass Pang Tong Palace near Mok Cham Pae, open every day from 8.30 am till 4.30 pm.

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