Jan 27, 2008

Charming Mae Hon Son แม่ฮ่องสอน

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Mae Hong Son, seen from Wat Kong Mu, picture by valkie76

The City of the three mists: This is the nickname of Mae Hong Son. Then it has dewy mist during the winter, smog from forest fires in the summer and rainy mist in the rainseason. And this gives the province with the highest mountains in Thailand a magical touch. Mae Hong Son town lies in a deep valley, betweem deep forest on the slopes. Different cultures are mixing in the town: The shans - their origin is in Burma - live in the city. Karen, Lisu, Mhong, Lahu, and Lua live in the hills (more than sixty percent of the population of the province).

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Read this Background story and read about Mae Hong Sons history

The lake in Mae Hong Son centre.

Picture marhas1

See a video by luaz about a half-day-tour from Mae Hong Son

Poi Sang Long Festival งานประเพณีปอยส่างลอง
The ordination of the Shan boys, the Poy Sanglong Festival, is held between march and may. The candidate-novices, their heads shaven and wrapped with cloth in the Burmese style, wear a noble garment, jewels and gems. They ride horses or are carried over the shoulders of men to the temple. On the day before the ordination a procession of offerings and other personal belongings parades through the streets of Mae Hong Son to the monastery. See video on youtube.

See video by Hegede: Hanging around in Mae Hong Son

Wanhaetianpunsa - celebration in Mae Hong Son: See a video by vlastakotyk

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