Jan 27, 2008

Mae Hong Son แม่ฮ่องสอน temples

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Mae Hong Son - seen from Doi Kong Mu temple trough the mist

Wat Phrathat Doi Kong Mu วัดพระธาตุดอยกองมู:

Wat Chong Khlang วัดจองกลาง:

Wat Chong Khlang, built around 1860, contains a Vihara housing a replica of the Phra Phuttha Sihing image brought from Burma in 1857. It has been gilded with gold leaf. Near the main altar are you see nearly 200 paintings in glass of the Phra Vejsandorn Jataka (tales of the previous lives of the Buddha). Then you find thirty-three wooden human and animal figures representing scenes from the Vessantara Jataka. They were carved by burmese artisans and taken from Burma in 1857.

Wat Chong Khlang

Wat Chong Kham วัดจองคำ:
Wat Chong Kham lies beneath Wat Chong Klang. Both temples are built in burmese style.
It was the oldest wat in Mae Hong Son, founded in 1827 by the Shan ruler Phaya Singhanataraj. But it burnt down and had to be reconstructed in the 1970. The viharn is graced with a seven-layer pyatthat (multi-tiered spire).

The viharn with a seven-layer pyatthat

Night has fallen on the temples and the lake. Picture by fredalix - อาลิกส์

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