Jan 27, 2008

Amazing temples in Pai

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Wat Klang:

Picture marhas1

Wat Klang is near the Bus-Station. A Chedi of Thai Yai style stands in the center. It's surrounded by low Mon Chedis, with Buddha images of the seven days of the week in niches More about Temple

Picture marhas1

Picture marhas1

Picture marhas1

Picture marhas1

Wat Pa Kham วัดปะคำ: See picture by paiexplorer.com and Philip Roeland and by CoZy Pretty Things

Wat Phra That Mae Yen:

Wat Nam Hoo: Also Wat Nam Hu

Wat Nam Ho, 3 Kilometer from Pai, contains a sacred Chiang Saen Buddha Image named "Un-Mueang". And the ashes of Princess Supankunya are enshrined in the pagoda.

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