Aug 27, 2009

First impressions of Pai

After landing in Pai Airport. You fly from Chiang Mai with SGA

A quiet day on Thanon Chaisongkram in the centre. Hilltribe-women are selling their handicrafts.

Bridge over Pai River, seen from River Corner Resort.

Bamboo Rafting on Pai River, picture by dav

One more quiet street in the centre.

Bags to buy

When the night falls in Pai, picture by Plynoi

Picture by Plynoi

Landscape around Pai, view from Bella Villa Resort. Pai lies 508 meters above sea level. The highest mountain, Doi Jik Jong, is 1972 meters from sea level.
Find Map of Pai Town and Maps of Pai Town and District.
And more about Geography and Nature. And then read about the development of tourism: Pai's Growing Pains.

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