May 30, 2019

Pak Chiang Mai - a little heaven

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So many hotels and guesthouses there are in Chiang Mai. But this one has cought this bloggers heart. Why? It's just around the corner of Chiang Mai's daily live inside the moat, inside the old town. It's not in a street with guesthouse after guesthouse, massage shops, internet cafés, pizzerias and steakhouses. Pak Chiang Mai lies in a quiet soi - but not many footsteps from the smells of Gate Market and from its food stalls and from the beautiful temples.

It has very carefully done design like this sitting area on the first floor with the doors to the rooms:

Take a close look and you will discover other details of the architecture as glass in assorted colors:

There is also a corner for massage, seating and playing. Let the owners organise the Traditional Thai Massage or a Foot Massage for you - and you will be treated by very experienced hands, feet, ellbows and what else belongs to a classical Thai Massage, surrounded by the green courtyard, listening to the water of the small waterfall above the fish pond. Relax and dream!

Pak Chiang Mai is not only a guesthouse, but also a restaurant to discover. You will learn, that Noon and her family serve organic food. And her kitchen offers more than just what's on the menue-card, because Noon likes to create food, let the guests test it and to learn from their comments. So try the dinner she offers on request. You will eat with your eyes as well.

Of course you will not miss a good wine and a dessert. But this blogger was too delighted with the food. He ate the dessert, before he thought about taking a picture... But you can also imagine, how pleasent the breakfast is, you will get next morning. There is a wide choice from Müesli to Wonton Soup, whole bread, juices, different stiles of egg and of course fruits.

Organic food is not the only thing. The owners of Pak Chiang Mai care for the nature. So you won't find the usual plastic things with shower gel in your bath but small pots, that are refilled every day. Oh yes, the bath: You can take a look at its design and also the design of the rooms on , where you will also see, that Pak Chiang Mai is already top rated among the B&Bs of Chiang Mai. This blogger can tell you, that the beds are very good and lovers of cushions get enough.

Well, you know now about the location, the design, the food, the rooms. But there is more: The homepage of Pak Chiang Mai says: "Come as guests, Leave as family". When you leave, you will know, that this is not just a slogan. Noon, her brother Nat and everybode else of the family will let you feel.

Not enough. Pak Chiang Mai allows you to go on discovery with not many steps. Go just around the corner of Soi Ratchamankha 6 into Soi Phra Pok Klao 2 and you stand in front of a door, that leads into a little secret garden full of terracotta arts:

You move on some footsteps and find yourself inside Gate Market with its fruits, vegetables and meat. Fried skin of pigs and sausages are the specialities of Chiang Mai you should try! Then you move on again and you will discover many temples along Phra Pok Klao Road. And if you are here on a Saturday evening, you should cross the street outside the moat to the also close Wualai Road, where Walking Street takes place. You can also borrow bikes from Pak - a nice way to discover the sois of the old town.

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