Sep 14, 2009

Explore Soppong สบป่อง

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Landscape near Soppong, Picture by Rotgutt

Soppong is on the main road from Pai to Mae Hong Son, also called Nae Hong Son loop. It serves as marketplace for the hilltribe people (Karen, Lisu and Lahu) and lies on Lang River. It belongs to the Pang Mapha ปางมะผ้า district. Each Tuesday morning there is a large market along the street, where the hilltribe people sell their handicrafts, fruits and vegetables.

Picture by Saren. See also this picture.

Around Soppong the rainforest is a good place for watching birds, butterflies and wild orchids. Read more about Soppong.

Guesthouses in Soppong

Soppong River Inn:

Picture by 4x4Adventurers

Cave Lodge Guesthouse:

Picture by 4x4Adventurers

Little Eden Guesthouse:

Picture by Saren

Caves around Soppong

Around 10 km upstream you will find Tham Lot, a cave, where the river passes through (picture), and there are many more caves around. (Read article about caves by Citylife Chiangmai, also second article).

Picture by Toine

Picture by Toine

The Cave in a video:

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