May 30, 2019

Pak Chiang Mai - a little heaven

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So many hotels and guesthouses there are in Chiang Mai. But this one has cought this bloggers heart. Why? It's just around the corner of Chiang Mai's daily live inside the moat, inside the old town. It's not in a street with guesthouse after guesthouse, massage shops, internet cafés, pizzerias and steakhouses. Pak Chiang Mai lies in a quiet soi - but not many footsteps from the smells of Gate Market and from its food stalls and from the beautiful temples.

It has very carefully done design like this sitting area on the first floor with the doors to the rooms:

Take a close look and you will discover other details of the architecture as glass in assorted colors:

There is also a corner for massage, seating and playing. Let the owners organise the Traditional Thai Massage or a Foot Massage for you - and you will be treated by very experienced hands, feet, ellbows and what else belongs to a classical Thai Massage, surrounded by the green courtyard, listening to the water of the small waterfall above the fish pond. Relax and dream!

Pak Chiang Mai is not only a guesthouse, but also a restaurant to discover. You will learn, that Noon and her family serve organic food. And her kitchen offers more than just what's on the menue-card, because Noon likes to create food, let the guests test it and to learn from their comments. So try the dinner she offers on request. You will eat with your eyes as well.

Of course you will not miss a good wine and a dessert. But this blogger was too delighted with the food. He ate the dessert, before he thought about taking a picture... But you can also imagine, how pleasent the breakfast is, you will get next morning. There is a wide choice from Müesli to Wonton Soup, whole bread, juices, different stiles of egg and of course fruits.

Organic food is not the only thing. The owners of Pak Chiang Mai care for the nature. So you won't find the usual plastic things with shower gel in your bath but small pots, that are refilled every day. Oh yes, the bath: You can take a look at its design and also the design of the rooms on , where you will also see, that Pak Chiang Mai is already top rated among the B&Bs of Chiang Mai. This blogger can tell you, that the beds are very good and lovers of cushions get enough.

Well, you know now about the location, the design, the food, the rooms. But there is more: The homepage of Pak Chiang Mai says: "Come as guests, Leave as family". When you leave, you will know, that this is not just a slogan. Noon, her brother Nat and everybode else of the family will let you feel.

Not enough. Pak Chiang Mai allows you to go on discovery with not many steps. Go just around the corner of Soi Ratchamankha 6 into Soi Phra Pok Klao 2 and you stand in front of a door, that leads into a little secret garden full of terracotta arts:

You move on some footsteps and find yourself inside Gate Market with its fruits, vegetables and meat. Fried skin of pigs and sausages are the specialities of Chiang Mai you should try! Then you move on again and you will discover many temples along Phra Pok Klao Road. And if you are here on a Saturday evening, you should cross the street outside the moat to the also close Wualai Road, where Walking Street takes place. You can also borrow bikes from Pak - a nice way to discover the sois of the old town.

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May 29, 2019

Chiang Mai's Restaurants and Food Stalls:
Food prepared with Love

Your restaurant not easy to find? Try Chiang Mai Restaurant Google Map #by treasuresofthailand

Picture su-lin
Chicken in coconut milk

You don't want just eat a kind of food, you are looking for a way of living with love? Phongsathon Kitchawet is promoting that with Chiang Mai Vegetarian Project โครงการมังสวิรัติเชียงใหม่. He believes that Chiang Mai has the most vegetarian restaurants and presents them all on his website and on a map. In september 2007 he counted 28 vegetarian restaurants. He says: "We’d like to help people to have good health, have compassion for animals, protect the environment, mitigate pollution and global warming that are the result of meat consumption." Since then many organic shops and restaurants have popped up in Chiang Mai.

Of course there are other tastes. Therefore i'm going to collect reviews of restaurants and food stalls. And i put the locations to Chiang Mai Restaurant Google Earth Map, so you can find your eating choice near the place, where you stay or go to visit. Of course your comments will be helpful to keep this section of this blog fresh.


Just eat like the locals at Night Market in front of Pratu Chiang Mai Market: Every evening just before sunset on both street sides in front of the Market there are busy activities to see: Food stall owners preparing their mobile kitchens, every one with his specialities: Noodle soups, curries with chicken, pork, fish or vegetables, Pad Thai, Banana Roti, frutis, juices - a big and tasty choice for locals, who sit down at small tables after their work or just fill bags to bring the food home and enjoy it there. But also many tourists have discovered, that they can get a cheap and good meal here.

Picture by marhas
Noodle Soup at Pratu Market: you add spices as much you like

Picture by marhas
A tasteful choice of curries

Banana Roti with honey or chocolate sauce

Three-sixty Bar & Restaurant: 9 Doiview Chiangmai Bldg., 10th Fl., Soi 9 Nimmanheamin Rd. Indoor a live band plays modern jazz and blues. Outdoor you dine by a pool with a good view of Doi Suthep and Chiang Mai City. Many cocktails.

Aroon Rai อรุณไร: 45 Kotchasarn Road (map). Good IgoUgo Review, and also Tamarind and Thyme loved it. NarakMakMak notes on, that you don't find all the thai dishes on the English menu and that the really good ones are the Northern style dishes.

Baanrai Yamyen: 14 Moo 3 Faham Road (map). Northeast of the old town. Serves "Mueang Food", the food of Thailands Northern Region. "It's the perfect place to take visiting Thai friends wanting to taste the local food", writes Chanchao Fotopages. "The unpretentious fare includes kaeng jin gai hoom, a mild, northern Thai–style chicken curry with Kaffir lime, as well as a variety of insect dishes, like rod duan, crunchy, deep-fried bamboo worms, which are definitely an acquired taste", writes "Music is one of the main ingredients of this popular eatery, with a style that ranges from Lanna to bluegrass", writes The show starts at 6.30 pm, singers are accompanied by guitar, mandolin, double bass and banjo - a romantic place for lovers.

Comedara Colonial House คำดารา: 193 Charoenrat Road (map). The house used to belong to Chinese tax collectors. A band is playing, but not deafening your ears, as notices.

Picture by Comedara

Dalaabaa Bar & Restaurant: 113 Bamrungraj Road (map). "The kitchen's take on contemporary Thai cuisine is innovative—order the crab-filled spring rolls, which are shaped like breadsticks and deep-fried", writes The architecture "echoes art deco" according to the review of Thailand Tatler. "The midcentury modern bungalow is furnished with eclectic furniture, polished wood and tons of glass, as if Frank Lloyd Wright had gone East", wrote the New York Times.

Picture by LiNuk's World

Hot Chilli: 27-32 Ratchadamnoen Road (map). "Don’t be put off by the name if you like your Thai food , since everything is prepared to order and can be adapted to your taste", writes Mark Whitman.

Huen Phen: 112 Rachamankha Road (map). Authentic Northern Thai food. Try Khanom Jeen Namngeua, a beef stew in a hearty broth, means Fantastic Khao Soi (curry noodle dish), says also Confessions of a restaurant whore.. Have a look at a video and read New York Times. "Chicken wings grilled with sliced, aromatic lemongrass; a tart, fiery salad of grapefruit-like pomelo and wafer-thin slices of green chili", recommends

Houn Soontaree Vechanont: (map) Read the review in this blogs chapter Chiang Mai: Cool Nights

Kanon Bar Arjarn: 2 Soi.2 Meundamprakot Rd (map). Thai desserts and confectionery are renowned for their delicate feature, unique taste and exquisite decoration. This is exactly offered at Kanom Ban Arjarn, which ist well known for its "Pia". The original Pia has green bean paste with salted yolk inside the pastry layer. But there ar also new creates Pia's with other tastes. Or you try Saleetip, made from fresh coconut.

Kantoke Palace: 288/19 Chiangklan Road (map). Kantoke dinner and show. This place has adapted to Westerners: Tables and seats have been specially designed, so that you can dine on the floor in the traditional Lanna manner, but with plenty of leg-room.

Maha Naga: 431 Charoenrat Road (map). Thai dishes presented in European style, in buildings from teak and glass under big trees with a river terrace - one of the most expensive Thai restaurants in the North. Read the review of

Maze Café: 12/2 Boonruangrit Road and 8/11 Nimmanhaemin Road (map). Thai and International food. Read the review of

Night Bazar: (map) Many stalls to choose food from - for example the seafood stall.

Picture avlxyz
Seafood at Night Bazar

Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center ศูนย์วัฒนธรรม เชียงใหม่: 185/3 Wualai Road (map). Khantoke dinner, stage performances and hilltribes shows. You seat on cushions on the carpeted floor or at nearby tables. When a traditional Northern Thai family eats, they sit around a low table (called "toke") and eat "khan", finger food in small bowls. They break pieces of sticky rice ("cow neaw") and dip it into the bowls or eat it with meat. There are sweetm sour and spicy tastes.
In a Lanna-style building, the Saw-Hong House, you find the Lanna Folk Museum. This over 110-year-old teak building is a typical example of a northern dwelling called a “Kalae house”. Originally, this building stood near the east side of the Nakhornping Bridge in downtown Chiangmai and was owned by Nang Ping, the granddaughter of Nai Saw and Nang Hong Tae. The house was named the “Saw-Hong House” in honour of Nang Piang’s grandparents. Today you see here antique pottery, lacquerware, household items and waving demonstrations. Museum ist closed on Thursdays. Read the review of Tamarind and Thyme.

Picture by Cybjorg

See also a video on

River Ping Palace: 385/2 Charoen Prathet Rd (map). A collection of 100 year old teak houses and pavilions. The food is prepared from Thai recipes found in a cookbook dating back 70 years old. In the evenings there are performances by musicians and dancers. Read the review on

Ruen Come In: 79/3 Sirithron Road (map). Thai-Northern Thai Cuisine after family recipes. And also suite and deluxe rooms.

Ruen Tamarind: 50/1 Ratchadamnoen Road (map). Authentic Northern Thai dishes prepared from original family recipes, that have been handed down from mother to daughter.

Thapae Soi 3 (map): Pad Thai for 20 Baht. Many locals eat there, read a good review by Big Food Small World.

The House: 199 Moon Muang Road (map). A first class dining experience according to "The Nation". "Contemporary cuisine with a bit of an Asian twist", describes "The Chiang Mai-born chef has created a menu that features fresh ingredients in a European style but with a touch of the Orient", adds ThailandTatler. "The most interesting dining option is the adjacent tapas bar", means

Thai, Chinese, German

Palaad Tawanron ผาลาดตะวันรอน: 100 Huay Kaew Road (map). Outside the town near the zoo, at the foothills of Suthep Mountain and near a waterfall. From a wooden terrace you overlook a lake and the city. The standout is the seafood, according to ThailandTatler Very popular among the guests is Kah Moo Tawanron : deep fried pork leg with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut, read the review of and the review of The Makan Sisters.

Thai, Chinese, International

Monkey's Kitchen: Off Suthep Road (map). Behind Chiang Mai University. "Tom Yum Pizza, Baked New Zealand Mussel with Panang Curry Sauce & Cheese are just some of the interesting sounding dishes on the menu of Monkey's Kitchen", writes Good salads. Opens daily (except Mondays).

The Gallery: 25-27-29 Charoen Rat Road (map). The front building with the Art Gallery has been built in Chinese style, the restaurant at the riverside in teak-wood in Northern style, in the original building from 1892, which used to be a silk store. Hillary Clinton has been eating here. "Ask for a waterfront table beneath the vaulting tamarind tree, and order Chiang Mai specialties such as kaeng ung lay, a coconut milk–free pork curry slow-cooked with ginger, garlic, chili, and tamarind and served with sticky rice", advises


Jia Tong Heng: 193/2-3 Sri Don Chai Road (map). "Some of the best fish dishes in town", says, fish in ginger is the speciality. Jia Tong Heng is 50 years old. Also stewed duck with Chinese herbs is recommended by Read also the review of

Chinese (Muslim)

Khao Soi Islam: 24 Charoen Prathet Road, Soi 1 (map). A mix of Yunnan (muslim) and Shan cuisine. "Calling it curry noodles is oversimplification", writes The oily and slightly coconut-creamy curry is cut through with sides of tart pickled cabbage and lime juice, served over flat egg noodles. It is finished with a handful of deep-fried on top. Also vegetarian dishes. Read background about the Legacy of the Spice Trade in Chiang Mai and read the review of

Khao Soi Lamduan: Faham Road (map). The best Khao Soi-restaurant according to, where you also find recipes for Khao Soi. The original owner prepared her noodles for the Thai King, whenever he stayed in Chiang Mai, as you can read on

Picture su-lin

Picture su-lin
The kitchen at Lamudan Kao Soi

Khao Soi Samer Jai:
391 Mu. 2 , Charoenrat Road (map). Known by the locals for Khao Soi. Very good review by The favourite restaurant of Thaksin Shinawatra, the former Thai Premierminister.

Picture by Jui
Khao Soi

Just Khao Soy Restaurant and Art Gallery 108/2 Charoen Phrathet Road (map).


Dara: Chang Moi Kao Road (map). Fabulous Vietnamese food as Fresh spring rolls, Naem nuang, shrimp wrapped around sugarcane, lemongrass wrapped around chicken, pho and more food with a lot of green vegetables and fresh herbs for low prices, as you can read on Chiang Mai City News. "I've never found any good Vietnamese in Chiang Mai, except for this one", writes "Fantasic" say the reviews on You find Dara in a wooden house with garden. Take some mosquito protection with you. See this video.


The Dukes: 49/4-5 Chiangmai-Lamphun Road (map). Steaks, Ribs, Seefood, Pizza. Good reviews on There is also a branch at the Night Bazaar.


Burmese Restaurant and Library: Nimmanhaeminda Road, Soi Hillside 3, Opposite Soi 13 (map). Recommended for tea leaf salad, green mango salad (with peanuts) and curry chicken with potatoes (slow cooked tender, no coconut milk) by reviews on "The actual place (or plastic chairs outside a food stall) is not very impressive, but the food more than makes up for it", writes Market of Eden.

Picture by marhas


Akha Ama Coffee กาแฟอาข่า อ่ามา: 9/1 Mata Apartment, Hussadhisewee Road, soi 3 (map). Families of Mae Chan Tai in 2007 began producing “Akha Ama Coffee” instead of selling the green beans to middlemen for a low price. Lee Ayu Chuepa runs Akha Ama Cafe in Chiang Mai, where you not only get Akha Ama Coffee but also a variety of teas and fruit juices as well as delicious cakes and muffins (9/1 Mata Apartment, Hussadhisewee rd, soi 3). Read more about this project here.

Sunisa's Coffee & Bistro: They say: "We don’t compromise when it comes to our breakfasts Ingredients. We use Sour Dough Bread - baked Freshly, flavorsome Organic Coffee - roasted daily, tasty spreads, seasonal fruits, salmon, fresh eggs", see Facebook page. Excellent reviews on


Chez Daniel ร้านอาหารเชส แดเนียล: 255/18 Mahidol Rd (map). Roast lamb, wild boar, boeuf bourgignon as well as Frech cheeses and desserts. Read the review of Yahoo Travel. Much value for not so miuch Baht, according tho Fodor's.

Le Coq d'Or: 11 Soi 2 Koh Klang Road (map). Lobster, oyster, duck leg, Foie Gras, tiger prawns... Read "One of Chiang Mai's oldest and most distinguished fine dining venues", says ThailandTatler


Original German Food: Cheewan (Thai) and his wife Carmen (German) served German food in German Bistro at Kad Suan Kaew earlier. After this has been closed Chewan now has startet e home delivery service: The food, prepared by a german chef, is packaged and frozen to retain quality. From 1000 Bath delivery is free in Chiang Mai.


Caffé Gourmet: Opposite Wat Phra Khao on Ratchamankha Rd (map). Home-made Italian dishes, small garden and jazz stage, where bands perform Saturday night. Caffé Gourmet was opened by Stefano Roncoroni (former La Gondola). Read

Girasole ร้านอาหารอิตาเลี่ยน กีราโซล: Kad Klang Vieng Plaza, Wat Pan-On Intersection, Ratchadamnoen Road (map). Pizza, pasta, risotto, meat and fish - and a large section of vegetarian cuisine. Read the review of Good review on "So so"-review by Chiang Mai Epicurean See some pictures of dishes. Girasole is a creation of Stefano Roncoroni, who closed one of Chiang Mai's most beloved Italian restaurant, La Gondola after leasing problems.

Mr Chan and Miss Pauline: 1st branch 16/1 Huay Kaew Rd., 2nd branch Canal Rd (map). Pizza, pasta, steaks and fish, big wine card. Nice garden area with open kitchen and excellent service. Very good reviews on Read reviews by Things Asian and Review in Thai by มาเชียงใหม่ กินอะไรดี.

Piccola Roma Palace:144 Charoenprathet Road (map). Run by Angelo Faro for fifteen years now. "The freshness of ingredients is what makes this restaurant stand out from among the dozens of Italian establishments in town", writes ThailandTatler. Home-made pasta as well as meat and seafood and fine italian wines, also ask for the speciality of the day. Reviews on YahooTravel are mixed. Her Majesty Queen Sirikit has been dining here. Read also Kit Marshals Commentary.


Mi Casa: 60/2 Moo 14 Soi Wat Padaeng (map). Mediterranean cuisines by Spanish Chef Kike and Tapas Corner. He opened his restaurant “Mi Casa Stanley” in Hong Kong in 2002. It was a holiday in Chiang Mai, that turned him here. ThailandTatler recommends saffron infused lobster paella, which has to be ordered two days in advance, as highlight. Good selection of Rioja wine. Good reviews by and See video by OpenChiangmai.


Miguel's Café: (map) Good reviews by and cunyqueen.


Amazing Sandwich: 252/3 Pra Pokklao Road (map). Open daily 10am to 7pm (Sunday close 5pm. With free internet service. Choose from 14 meats including Roastbeef, Pastrami, Salami, Parma ham, smoked chicken and turkey breast, 8 types of cheese, 10 vegetables, 8 dressings & sauces and 6 herbs & spices and pack them into your chosen "vehicle".


Raming Tea House Siam Celadon: 158 Tha Pae Road (map). The tea shop serves cakes and teas. Enjoy your tea in a lovely garden. The two storey teak house has been built in 1915 by Anukonburi, a Thai of Chinese anchestry, it served as a store. 2002/2003 it has been restored to its original beauty. See pictures by nenegogogirl and hmigliaccio

Picture marhas1
Tea House by night

Picture Chanchao

Picture petgrooming100

Tian Zi Tea House and Garden: 119/1 Kampangdin Road (map). Opposite of the Mae Ping Hotel's beer garden, tucked among big trees. Not many places have the famous Pu Er Tea, but here you get it. First try, then buy! And the organic meals (for exampla salads) with herbs and roots known to support vital health functions are delicious. "The Brown Rice Salad was lovely, made from organic brown rice, herbs, seeds, nuts, vegetables and seasoned with organic apple cider vinegar, sea salt and cold pressed sesame oil", writes Excellent reviews on Read more about the Tian Zi projects in Yunnan (China).

Picture by marhas

Picture by marhas

Vieng Joom On Teahouse: 53 Charoenraj Road (map). Delicious desserts in a garden along the Ping River. Vegetarian menu. Very good reviews on Read the reviews by and

Vegetarian and Organic

Your restaurant not easy to find? Try Chiang Mai Restaurant Google Map (recommended for Smartphone)

Anchan Vegetarian: Nimmanhaeminda Road, Soi Hillside 3, Opposite Soi 13 (map). They make their own curry pastes (without shrimp paste). Delicious and exceptional food according to reviews on "All of Anchan’s curry dishes are spectacular", writes Open for lunch and dinner.

Picture by Anchan Vegetarian
Special tea blends by Anchan

Picture by marhas
Delicious curries

Picture by Thai Food Blog
Mango salad

Picture by marhas
Anchan Juice

Aum Vegetarian: 65 Mun Mueang Road (map). One of the oldest vegetarian restaurants with Thai and Chinese dishes and Hilltribe Organic Coffee - and over 3500 books to read while drinking coffee! See the menu and read reviews of Yahoo Travel. "If you just want delicious Thai food done right, and meat-free, then it definitely it's at", recommends Market of Eden.

Picture by

Blue Diamond: 35/1 Mun Mueang Road, Soi 9 (map). Not 100 procent vegetarian. Superb, according to reviews by Also herbal teas. "Marvellous" is one comment on "They have it all. They make their own soy yogurt, baked goods including cinnamon rolls, cookies, and bread, soy ice cream (about 15 flovors), fresh juice, and soy milk.", writes xviolettx. Read also Earthworm Envy.

Brown Rice Organic Bistro: 85/5 Samlarn Road (map). "Don’t miss the Thai herbal salad", writes Chiang Mai Citylife. The restaurant also offers cooking classes. Very good reviews on But it seems that the Bistro is closed now.

Free Bird Café: 116 Maneenopparat Road (map). Try Burmese green tea leaf salad or Kao Som, a Shan traditional dish: Tomato sauce rice balls topped with green onion and fried garlic and served with local herbs and a clear broth (made with red rice). Profits go to Thai Freedom House (a non-government, non-profit language and arts community and learning center dedicated to assisting families and individuals who are refugees from Burma and members of minority groups of Thailand. Very good reviews on

Picture by Free Bird Café
Kao Som, a Shan traditional dish

Imm Aim Vegetarian Café: 10 Santitham Road (map). Very good reviews on "The restaurant is connected with an organic farming and seed preserving initiative and serves a variety of healthy, vegetarian fusion food – meaning you can find Thai curries and fried brown rice, but hummus, wraps and falafel are on the menu as well", adds a Nomad's Dream. Read more on Chiang Mai City News.

Dindee ร้านกาแฟ: (map) Food in an earth house at The Art Museum of Chiang Mai University, opened by Japanese Ayumi Loenthaisong in March 2007. Thai and Japanese dishes and a wide tea selection. Read more at

Khufa Mangsawirat: 152/6 Kaew Nawarat Road (map). Very good review by See pictures by rheanna2. And see description of Chiang Mai Vegetarian Project.

Khun Churn: 120/2 Nimmanhaemin Road, Soi 17 (map). Northern cuisine with influences from China and Burma with affordable prices. Read the review of The Nation. Excellent review at See also Chiang Mai Vegetarian Project and look at video

Magical Garden Cafe: 24 Sriwichai Road (map). The profits serve educational projects for ethnic minorities children. Magical Light Foundation "builds schools in Myanmar, gives out much-needed items to refugee camps and gives children free English and Thai lessons", reports Market of Eden. A lovely garden and excellent food according to reviews on Read more on Chiang Mai City News.

Mangsawirat Suan Dok: 15 Suthep Road (map). Read the review of

Morning Glory: 46/32 Ratchawithi Road (map). Formerly known as Mai Kaidee’s, owned and operated by Duan Kaidee, sister of the Mai who runs multiple locations in Bangkok. Here you get "some of the best (and healthiest) vegetarian curries in town, along with unique specialties like pumpkin hummus", comments City Life Chiang Mai.

Pun Pun: Inside Wat Suan Dok under a large old Boddhi tree (map). Pun Pun, run by a Thai/American couple, cooks organic vegetarian food, grown at Pun Pun Organic farm in Mae Taeng, outside Chiang Mai. "Amazing", according to Read background on the blog Stomachs ond legs. Pun Pun is a project in the owners words "aimed at supporting local organic farmers, farmer networks, and propagating biodiversity. By producing organic produce on our own farm as well as buying from farmers producing organically, we support farmer’s transition to sustainable food systems. Since we ourselves are a seed center we aim to propagate rare and indigenous varieties of edible plants for the public to reintegrate into their diets, improving our health and stabilizing our environment through biodiversity." To get to Pun Pun, at Wat Suan Dok walk down the road to the left of the main temple towards the back of the temple grounds, it is on your right near the back. See pictures by They just opened a new branch on Suthep Road behind Chiang Mai University, as City Life Chiang Mai notes.

Picture by kafka4prez

Taste From Heaven: Used to be on Thapae Road, now reopened on Ratchamanka Road (map). Highly recommended by Bounding over our steps.

Picture by claud334

Tea Tree Cafe: Moon Muang Soi 6 (map). "The dishes are primarily vegetarian and vegan, with tantalising tofu combos and nature-sweet smoothies sitting side-by-side with the humble and wholesome omelette", writes Culture Lover’s Guide to Chiang Mai.

Thai Orchid: 419/24 Witchayanon Road (map).

Thai Vegetarian Food Restaurant: 65 Inthawarorot Road (map). Good review by See pictures by Rheanna2.

Vegetarian Society of Thailand: 42 Mahidol Road (map). "Didn't have the variety, that most Thai veggie places in Chiang Mai have", means a review on See pictures on

Whole Earth: 88 Sridonchai Road (map). A vegetarian Thai and Indian restaurant, but some meat and fish dishes are available. Mixed reviews on and


Des Gourmet: 413 Moo 12, Tambon Nong Kwai, Amphur Hang Dong (map). Owner Peter has Dutch dishes on his menu, "including a rijsttafel offered on Fridays", notes This is an Indonesian rice table, many small dishes of rice prepared in different ways. It's served the last weekend of the month, according to very good reviews on

Rio Restaurant & Wine Bar: At RatiLanna Riverside Spa Resort (map). At the buffet restaurant you get a Brazilian BBQ. Imported meats are grilled right at your table.

Room-Bar: 61 Nimmanhaemin Road (map). The Room complex includes also a coffee, a boutique and decor shops. The restaurants special in main courses is a deep fried chicken with mixed herbs, as you can read in Elegant interior decoration in red and purple.

Rose Restaurant: 87 Ratchamanka Road (map). See video at English or American breakfasts, burgers and pizzas, fish and chips. And also Thai food.

Sojo's Café: 169/4-5 Sridonchai Road and 178/178 World Club Land – Nongkwai, Hang Dong (map). American, Asian, Mediterranean Bistro and La Mesa Latina.

The Drunken Flower: 28/3 Soi 17 Nimmanhaemin Road (map). The funnny name comes from the time, when it was Chiang Mai's first wine tasting club and also sold importet flowers. Cocktails, house wines, Thai, international and Mexican food. And music from a big CD-Collection or from live performances. All this attracts a mix of young and old Thai and Westerners.

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May 27, 2019

Chiang Mai Markets and Walking Streets

See the locations on Chiang Mai Markets and Organic Markets Google Map

Organic Markets: Toxic-free - more and more people in Chiang Mai are looking for this kind of food. Seven markets now are offering organic vegetables and fruits thar are grown in Northern Thailand. An overview published by Chiang Mai City Life:
Jing Jai organic market: On Wednesday or Saturday mornings, 5 am till 10 am. JJ Market Chiang Mai, Zone C, Assadathorn Road.
Chiang Mai Organic Home: A wide range of foods, from herbs and vegetables to eggs, rice and cooked meals as well as plants for your own organic garden. See video on youtube. Daily 1pm till 6pm, Outer Ring Road, 2km from Ton Payom Market.
Dara Academy Organic Market: In a school canteen. Fresh vegetables, locally cooked food and Thai desserts. Every Wednesday afternoon, 2am till 5pm. Dara Academy Canteen, Kaewnawarat Road
Puttisopon School Organic Market: On Fridays, Thai food, local desserts and healthy snacks. Open Fridays 2pm till 5pm. Puttisopon School, Ratchamankha Road.
Kaad Noi BA: The Business Agriculture Faculty has named it "small market", selling all kinds of seasonal produce right in the middle of Maejo University. Open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 11am till 5pm. Faculty of Business Agriculture, Maejo University.
Nakornping Hospital Organic Market: Clothes and other wares are also available. Open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 7am till 3pm. Nakornping Hospital, Mae Rim.
Chiang Mai City Hall Organic Market: Selling various kinds of organic products every day. Products from farms in the Mae Taeng district. Open daily, 7am – 5pm, Chiang Mai City Hall

Night Bazaar: The famous venue for shopping in the night. The market with hundreds of street vendor stalls and shops has everything: Clothes, Thai silk, shoes, pirated CDs and DVDs, handicrafts, cameras, jewelry - a lot made in China, some products by the hilltribe people. The goods may be cheaper on markets, where there are not so many tourists. But you can bargain. If you are the first customer, you can get a good price, because it means bad luck, if the first customer doen't buy. And late in the night you get good prices for final sales.
Find your way: The market follows Chang Khlan Road and side streets, between Thaphae and Loi Khro road.
Open: From sunset till midnight.

Picture marhas1

Anusarn Night Market: A walking street every night, where you find hilltribe goods in traditional styles. And a great place for dinner, where the locals eat their noodles. A large suqare with tables and food stalls on the side. You can enjoy here Northern Thai specialities, for example the hot green chili dip called nam prik awn. Or try khao soi, flat egg noodles in a soup with chicken or beef. Black chili paste, lime, shallots, bean sprouts or other vegetables are served with it.
Find your way: The market is near Chang Khlan Road, between Anusarn Sunthon Road in the North and Si Don Chai Road in the South.

Kad Luang with Warorot Market and Lamyai Market: Are you looking for real Thai life more than for touristic sights? Then Chiang Mai's chinatown will be the right location. It's called Kad Luang กาดหลวง (this means: big market). Kad Luang is the area, where Chiang Moi Road and Wichayanon Road join.

Picture fredalix - อาลิกส์
Kad Luang

Here you find Warorot Market ตลาดวโรรส, an old Shopping Center in a large building with food on the ground floor. So you will discover pig heads or cooked and dried fish, herbs and spices and any kind of vegetables and also mushrooms. Look for Northern style food as "Kaeb Moo” (crispy fried pig skin), “Moo Yaw” (pork sausage) or “Nam Prik Num” (hot green chilly sauce). On the second and third floor you discover clothes for cheaper prices than in the Night Bazaar, Handbags, Pillow covers, handicrafts or beauty articles. On the east side of Wichayanon Road you find Kad Ton Lamyai กาดต้นลำไย, the fresh food market. Around the buildings there are stalls with everything from shoes to gems and many gold shops. Kad Luang is a 24-hour experience. When the halls of the covered markets turn quiet in the evening, the main streets outside change to a night bazaar with food stalls and fashionable clothing, a place loved by Chiang Mai’s young women and their boyfriends. Close to Kad Luang there is a small soi called Lao Jo, Kad Meo กาดแม้ว or the Hmong hill tribe market. Here they sell handmade goods and products. Near the market area there is a Chinese Shrine called Cong Thao Kong, built about 130 years ago and reconstructed in 1996.
Find your way: From Night Bazaar you follow Changklan Road to the North, until it intersects with Changmoi Road near Mae Ping River. Then the market will be at your left. Here is Chiang Mai's Chinatown.
Open: During the day until 5 pm.

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Warorot Market from upstairs

Lamyai Flower Market: This market smells like heaven. It's the fresh cut flower market. It's perfumed by so many different blossoms. Your eye will catch the buckets full of orchids, in hundreds of varieties and coulours, but also roses, chrysanthemums, lotus and marigolds as well as birds of paradise. The flowers arrive in the night, so it's the best time to go.
Find your way: From Warorot Market along Ping River towards Thapae Road.Open: 24 hours.

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Flower market

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Muang Mai Market: The place, where you get the food very fresh from the farmers and cheap. It's a wholesale area. There are stalls, shops and also pick up trucks. You will find huge amounts of cabbages, garlic, wstermelons, pineabbles and a lot more fruits and vegetables and also a section with meat and seafood and of course stalls selling curry pastes.
Find your way: Wang Sing Kham Road, from Warorot Market to North.

Wualai Walking Street: Are you looking for silver and lacquer ware? Then you are right at Wualai Street, where elegant old wooden houses show the past glory of the silversmiths of Chiang Mai. There are still many shops, well known for old technique and good quality. And every Saturday evening the road is closed for the traffic and a Walking street. Along one kilometer you find handicrafts, clothes, musical instruments, food and young artists exhibiting their work. And Lanna dancing performances from various schools in Chiang Mai are staged. Then there is Wat Sri Suphan, one of the temple buildings is decorated in shining silver.

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Grilled balls on Wualai Walking Street

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Sweet steamed cakes

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Funny bags

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Just beautiful

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Grandmum's delights

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And the silver

More about the Street you read on the website of Wualai community. Then you find here a shop with crafts of hilltribe people Bann Wualai. Or you decide for a Kantoke Dinner with a hilltribe show at Old Chiangmai Cultural Center.
Find your way: Near the Gate at the south side of the old city. You leave by Phra Pok Klao Road, outside the wall you turn right, walk on Chiang Lo Road, from where Wualai Road will point to Southwest.
Open: Walking Street every Satuarday from around 5 pm till 11 pm.

Ratchadamnoen Walking Street: Full of excitement, thanks to the large crowd of people enjoying the night in the heart of the old city, shopping, drinking, eating, listening to musicians, looking at art and craftsmanships of Northern Thailand, Thai dancers or puppet shows. Many stallowners sell personally made goods from wood to metals, ceramics, fabrics, paper and more. In a number of temples along the road the stallowners sell meals cooked in front of your eyes.
Find your way: From Tha Pae Gate follow Ratchdamnoen Road.
Open: Every Sunday from 5 pm till midnight.

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Wat Pan Tao. See more Wat Pan Tao

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Chiang Mai Flea Market: Walk around and bargain. The Secondhand Market is less known by tourists. Adjacent to Prince Royal College it is open every Saturday and Sunday from 9 am till 4 pm. There is a walking street on Bumrungrad Road. The market is well known for amulets.

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