May 25, 2019

Chiang Mai Hotels and Reviews
by Guests who have been there

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Amari Rincome: From 1851 to 8195 Baht. 1 Nimmanhaemin Road. Two pools. Free shuttle service to the city centre every 30 minutes. Good reviews on, read also the review of

Picture Amari Rincome

Amora Tapae Hotel: From 1550 to 12250 Baht. 22 Chayapoom Road. See view from 10th floor by rokapi. "A little worn down, but okay", say some comments on

Picture marhas1

Ayatana Resort อายตนะ: From 3300 to 16000 Baht. 99/9 Moo 14, Suthep Road. A little out of the city. There is a shuttle bus to Night Bazaar. Quiet, guests love it according to See pictures by Anne & Lane.

Picture Ayatana

Baantai Hotel: From 900 to 1600 Baht. 41/9 Wiang-ping Tud-mai Road. An old hotel with dark rooms, mixed reviews on

Picture Baantai

Picture Baantai

BP Chiang Mai Hotel บีพี เชียงใหม่: From 725 to 2825 Baht. 154 Rachamanka Road. The hotel is dated, as comments on say.

Chala Number 6: Old town. With a pool and very good reviews on

Junior Suite room

D2 Hotel ดี ทู: From 3900 to 22000 Baht. 100 chang klan road. In contemporary Thai design, that is shown on Fresh funky look. Devarana Spa ("Garden in Heaven") with professional staff, according to very excellent reviews on Read also the review of
Chiang Mai Gate Hotel เชียงใหม่เกตุ: From 1000 to 3500 Baht. 11/10 Suriyawong Road. Small pool. Good value, according to reviews on

Picture Chiang Mai Gate Hotel

De Naga เดอ นากา โฮเทล: From 2300 to 5700 Baht. 21 Soi 2 Ratchamanka, Moon Muang Road. Nice inside, but views from the rooms show ugly buildings around the hotel. Mostly good reviews on

Picture De Naga
De Naga Suite

Kod Chasri Thani Hotel: From 2421 Bath. Quiet pool area. 54/3 Rajaphakinai Road. Very good reviews on See video on

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Little Shelter Hotel: 208 25 Chiang Mai-Lam Phun Rd, Tambon Wat Ket. Newly opened, located at Ping River. See their Facebook homepage. See pictures of the architecture.

Manathai Village มานาไทยFrom 3100 to 9000 Baht. 39/9 soi 3 tapae road. Reviews on But if your room is on the side of the small street, you may be disturbed by scooters early in the morning.

Pictures Manathai

Mandarin Oriental Dhara Devi แมนดาริน โอเรียนเต็ล ดาราเทวีเชียงใหม่: From 12699 to 280000 Baht. 51/4 Sankampaeng Road Moo 1. "An astounding place", according to reviews on Two pools. Be aware, that it is outside of the town. "A teakwood fantasia modeled on a northern Thai village, with vegetable gardens, lotus ponds, moats and fortified walls, towering palaces, a marketplace, a town green, even a temple, all of it occupied by a veritable army of merchants, servants, farmers, weavers, cooks, woodcarvers, and massage therapists", writes Travel+Leisure.

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Picture by modus

Picture by modus

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Ping Buri Hotel พิงค์ บุรี From 650 to 2950 Baht. 49/1-8 Arrak Road (Suandok Gate).

Picture Ping Buri
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Rachamankha ราชมรรคา: 5500 to 18000 Baht. 6 Rachamankha 9,T.Phra Singh. A combination of Lanna art and design and temple style architecture create a heaven of peace. The design is taken from the viharn (chapel) of Wat Phra That Lampang Luang in Lampang province. The hotel is planned according to ancient principles of Chinese architecture because the architecture and interior designer want the hotel to reflect the Chinese roots of Thai architecture. The hotel is full of Chinese antiques. There is a wood-panelled library full of architecture books. "What a gem", is the tenor of the reviews on "You can hear birds in the morning, crickets in the evening, and not one throb of the motorcycles that pulse through the city", writes the New York Times. Read also the review of The Independent.

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RatiLanna Riverside Spa Resort: From 13600 to 100000 Baht. A luxury boutique resort nestled along the bank of the Mae Ping River, it belonged to the Sofitel Group, now it's part of the Preferred Hotel Group. With "Aspara Spa". Very good reviews on Read also

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Tamarind Village แทมมาริน วิลเลจ: From 4200 to 12600 Baht. 50/1 Ratchadamnoen Road. You enter by a long shaded lane lined with bamboo. In a lush garden, very quiet, "pure paradise", says one guest on The rooms at the Tamarind are "marvels of concrete flatwork burnished to an almost shining glow and, complimented by straw mats and chic contemporary Thai furnishings, make for a pleasing minimalist feel (if you're a minimalist, that is)", writes It has been built by Rooj Changtrakul and Ongard Satrabhandhu, who later created The Rachamankha. It took its name "from the tamarind orchard that occupied the land on which the hotel was built - one large and venerable tree thought to be over 200 years old has been left intact in a courtyard", you can read in Lonely Planet. Consult also See the video of Open Chiang Mai

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The Chedi เดอะ เชดี เชียงใหม่: From 11440 to 17200 Baht. 123 Charoen Prathet Road. It has a swimming pool with water lillies and small fish. The old British Consulate building houses the restaurant. The guests love it ("Excellent is an understatement"), one points to the fact, that you hear some traffic noise from the street, read the comments on Good review on

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Picture by jenniferphoon

U Chiang Mai Hotel: From 3400 to 4400 Baht. 70 Rachadamnoen Road0. Opened in june 2008. Guests are welcomed in the Resident’s Lounge located in the restored former residence of Chiang Mai’s governor. Read a comment on

Pictures U-Hotel

Read an article by Bangkok Post on packages from 14.8.2008

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