Jul 17, 2010

Your Guide to Mae Hong Son

You discover Mae Hong Son through the eyes of people, who have been there. This blog collects their voices from blogs and travel-related forums like tripadvisor.com or travelfish.org and their pictures from flickr.com and other sources. Google Maps help you to create your own tour. Links give you background. Welcome to Mae Hong Son!

See the Thai Meteorological Weather forecast for Mae Hong Son

Guesthouses and Hotels: Like Princes Guesthouse.on the lake in the centre of Mae Hong Son Click

Charming Mae Hong Son: Old houses and a lake in the city of the three mists Click

Temples in Mae Hong Son: Wat Chong Khlang contains a Vihara housing a replica of the Phra Phuttha Sihing image brought from Burma in 1857. Click

The nightmarket: Art and handcrafts from hilltribe people, for example Lisu and Hmong. Click

The Kuomintang Chinese: Mae Aw near the Burmese Border is a village founded by Kuomintang soldiers and famous for tea cultivation. Click

By boat to a Karen Village: Karen refugees from Burma live in Huay Pukaen on Pai River, making their money with tourism by showing their longneck women. Click

Mud for clean skin: At Phu klon the mud comes out of the earth between between 60-140 C hot. It's good for your skin and blood circulation. Click

The Mae Hong Son Loop: From Mae Hong Son through the rainforest and the mountains to Pai and Chiang Mai Click

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